Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Light ruins Crafting!!!

I was home late last night & never managed to finish any craft projects in time for good light! Photos are getting harder now as I find it is either too bright or too dark & the flash ruins the shots by making my papers look too pale & the design flat. It really annoys me!! So here is a pic of something I made a while ago. Just simple punched squares, a ornate stamp, blossom by Scrapfairie stamped with a love defintion by Anitas.
I took it into work & it was bought within 10 minutes! Really ought to make another with different colours! Oh well, I should have my DCM little extra to show tonight, when I can take the picture!!!

I was thrilled to see that my Reincarnation - Sindy page was selected as one of the favourites on the All About Eve challenge. Makes me feel really fuzzy & warm!! Thanks ladies.xx


Janine said...

the light isn't fantastic over this way in the world either Paula. Its now spring here byut for the last month we have had more rain and dark days than ever.
well done on your Sindy layout being shown on the Eve website.

Maisymary's Findings said...

Thats fab to hear about your SIndy layout , Paula ! great going ! Nice to be able to knit your own embellies ! very cute flowers ! nice & soft indeed !