Friday, 1 February 2008

Suprise in the Post!

As I am going away this morning, my craft gear has all been packed away. Therefore I will miss doing the Theme Thursday, Sketches {by Tamara} & 4x4 Friday challenges. I have a few bits of art I haven't shared yet but today I will leave you with this. When I made an altered puzzle piece a week or so ago, I raved about some gorgeous pieces my forum friend had made. Links to her blog are in that post. Well I recieved this from her in the post. The photo os a touch blurred as it didn't like the flash in such poor daylight. But as you can see, it is stunning & it has my favourite child face.
A positive note I have now lost another lb in my weight loss quest. I had a bad start as the diet suggested to me actually made me gain weight despite all exercise. Then last week I damaged my knee & have been unable to do anything other than walk to work. But I am still losing 1lb per week, nice & steady. The Boots machine is playing sensible now & measuring me at the correct height. It makes all the difference to your BMI index! So I feel great, I'll be back to 9 stone before I know it & who knows the clothes I couldn't wear (which we expensive suits for work) might just fit as the weight is coming off the "problem" areas!
Now I must go dry my hair & get it straightened & its good bye from me until Monday. I will miss my computer & my morning blog hops!


Kaz said...

enjoy your weekend Paula, and congrats on the weight loss.

the jigsaw piece is fab, loved it when I first seen it too. gorgeous.

Andrea, said...

Have a good weekend. The puzzle piece is fantastic

Claudette said...

this is blew me away with this puzzle pc., I love it so much.

Jacqueline said...

Definately is a stunning piece! Have a great weekend Paula!

Unknown said...

Wow Paula this is fantastic! I don't know how the creator parted with it! Well done on your slow and steady weight loss. I'm starting on Monday. Piled it on since I stopped smoking 9 months ago. Hope you are having a fab break. LOL Lynn xx

Pearl said...

How nice to receive the puzzle piece b4 your retreat ! I really hope you will more than enjoy ! Thats really good news on the weight management too !

Sounds like good grrrl !

xo. P

lauren bergold said...

oooh lucky duck! that puzzle piece is gorgeous! hope you are having a good trip!

Marjolein said...

This looks great Paula!!!
I hope you've had a good trip and lots and lots of fun!!

Anonymous said...

I'm just catching up to you here, but I hope your vacation is great!

Anonymous said...

This is great have a great time:)x

Lee Weber said...

have fun and take care of your knee.

Alette said...

Wow Paula this is a great piece. I love the gold embossing( that's what is it is right) Love it.
Anyway hope you had a nice weekend


Anonymous said...

Hope you've had a fab weekend and congrats on the weight loss. :)

What a fabulous piece. :)


Nina said...

Hi, Paula dear! Missing your works so dropped by. Hope you had a fun, relaxing weekend. =)

Love your creations! Wish I could settle on a weekly challenge and just stick with it. LOL.

Hoping you're having a blast! =)


Veronica said...

Hi Paula
Beautiful puzzle piece - I love that photo too....U r like me - once you find something u really like, it keeps cropping up in your work

V xx