Sunday, 10 February 2008

Team CJ's Part 2

Here are the next two of my entries in some of my team mates CJ's. As I said previously, I will not be showing my actual CJ for some time. The whole book needs photgraphing & bits finishing off.
Nic's CJ - Once Upon A Time
She wanted to know our favourite stories as a child or for our children to read to her expected baby. Her daughter, Isabella was born two weeks ago.
I made two cards for this entry. Using DCWV Once Upon A Time paper.

Inside both these flaps houses a tiny story book. I hand typed my two fav pixie stories, turned them into removable tiny books.
Rachel's CJ - Scrap Your Fav Photos.
Rachel asked that we selected our favourite photos & jsut scrap them. It was harder than you imagine selecting just two!
This one is a spring picture I took & I had to hand make the two strips of paper that the photo sits on as I had nothng to match the background piece. The other side of this gorgeous swirly paper was black stripes & I considered it too dark for the delicate blooms.

This picture was taken of my sister kitten, Max. It was the day she moved & he made himself right at home straight away. I loved this page so much, I went on to copy it for a full sized 11x8.5 for an AAE challenge My Hero.


Andrea, said...

Love the CJ Paula, what a lovely idea and your LOs are fab, that is one cute cat.

Anonymous said...

this is gorgeous. i love it!

Eleni Gratsia said...

Fantastically amazing work Paula !!! Glad you enjoyed yourself at the retreat ... and love the photos that Kirsty took of you! You must have all had an amazing time! :D

Shh-Shh said...

first of all fab work...Im gonna keep lookin at your inspiational site , you never know my mojo might make an apperance!!!LOL

Thanks for you kind comments.... I will give it a try.
well done with your healthy eating...I have to say this is the only part of my life that I have control over, so I am sticking to it like glue!!! not far of loosing my 1st stone!!!
thanks again hun.x.

Anonymous said...

Great work :-)

Audrey said...

oh these are gorgeous

Dawn♥ said...

OM heavens Paula these LO's are just absolutely GORGEOUS! Fabulous job on them both!

Veronica said...

These Lo's are beautiful - love the colours - the pics are great.

V xxxxxxx

Taniwha said...

I have to say, Paula's entry in my CJ is stunning! You turn the page and go wow! The colours are fab. And her entry in Nic's is spectacular as well, I am in awe :) We're very lucky to have had you doing entries in our books matey!

Gillian said...

Completely STUNNING!!!!!