Saturday, 9 February 2008

Team CJ's

Our team decided to do Circle Journals. I will be showing photos of all my work in their CJ's. I won't be showing mine for sometime as I don't have the pictures taken & can't be bothered with that kind of stuff right now. I desperately want some "ME" time to craft & watch telly & recover. I have a whole list of projects lined up. I am planning a minibook of the retreat but it won't be of any interest to anyone else but myself as it contains photos of the Farmhouse we stayed in which includes photos of all the rooms etc.. It is my personal momento of the weekend. I will show the completed book but it will probably be next month. I am still working on my 40th birthday minibok from last year. I don't like to rush some things.
Helen's CJ - Guilty Pleasures.
All journalling is hidden in the handmade matchbook along with several of my guilty pleasures such as sausages! The two most guilty ones are hidden behind the floral tags on the first page.
Helen asked that we keep our entries in red, black & cream. I enjoyed working with this colour scheme.
Pauline's CJ - Pet Peeves.

My reasons for these things really annoying me are written & placed in the alcohol inked glassine envelopes. The brads & tiny mirrors are also alcohol inked to match the ribbon I bought to tie the bows with.

Pauline wanted to know what sot of thing really annoys us. I hate Steam Irons as they always say they are non drip, but I have yet to own one that doesn't. Im sick of ruining my work clothes with wet spots hours before Im due to wear it.

In other peoples' work I like to keep a lot hidden behind tabs & things. Mainly as it is their book & I like to keep it neat & also because I like to add interest with openings, tags & pockets.


Andrea, said...

These are fab pages. Have a good weekend

Anonymous said...

I agree ^^, fabulous work.

Kaz said...

gorgeous work, and OMG you are SO right about the irons, I've never ever owned a steam iron that didn't drip!! how

great stuff, take it easy too paula, you sound like you need a rest. xx :))

Micayla said...

Gorgeous pages, I have not do a CJ in sooooooo long! We had problems on our last one and it kinda put me off!

lauren bergold said...

beautiful, BEAUTIFUL, always!!! :)