Monday, July 28, 2008

Time to Hope

This week's prompt is another fitting word. Hope. Where would we be without it? Without hope, dreams can't come true.
I never gave up hope of getting on in my life & achieving happy!
I stamped these Angels instead of using a photo as they sum up hope to me. I stamped them twice so I could mount them on foam. I used a Heidi Swapp journal stamp to create the box for the word Hope.


Andrea, said...

Beautiful work Paula, I love the angel images. Have a good week

Je@net said...

Love the card Paula! And love the quote you used in your blog: Without hope, dreams can't come true! How great and how true is that!!
Have a nice week!!

Eleni said...

Lovely Paula ... I've decided to join in this project too! :D :D So I'm starting from the beginning and working my way up ... have done the first 3 weeks! :D :D

michelle said...

absolutely correct! love the colors and the little angels.

Gillian :O) said...

Wow Paula, I've been having a lookie at all your latest work!
it shows how happy you are :)
Congratulations on you new job!
What a Thrill :)

Pearl said...

Beautiful card creations here , Paula ! I've never noticed much of the BG Periphery before !

Love the quote here on hope! must remember it ! lol

By the way there will be a new challenge blog on mini books - finally -

Not sure if you will be interested to check it out in the future - also there will be a #D project challenge blog coming up in Aug too !

It's nice to see some very differen types of challenge blogs these days - there seems to be no end of sketch ones tho' !