Sunday, July 20, 2008

Time Seek

SEEK: to go in search or quest of; to try to find or discover by searching or questioning; to try to obtain; to try or attempt; to search or explore.
A perfect word for me right now as I am moving on. I have got a new job & resigned from my current position at the end of last week.
As part of my quest to be happy, I have decided to make changes to better my life. One way of doing this is to provide better for myself financially. Not just for now though, but also for 20 odd years down the line when I shall look to retire & need something more substantial to live on as I have little set in place.
It is the right word as I am seeking new skills & exploring more options. I have no regrets about my decision other than I wish I had believed in myself a lot sooner.
I used this map paper because my career change is a journey. I am going to be travelling metaphorically. I turned this wonderful photo taken for me by Kirsty Wiseman, (Captured by Kirsty) sepia as it matched the paper. The signpost is from a stamp set as are the words. Seek is spelt with Flea Market stickers from my Studio Calico Kit.


Pearl said...

O My ! That's wonderful news , Paula ! Nothing like new pastures to discover & explore ! lol I was wondering how you've been !

It's CHA Summer weekend now & I have been poring over the pics of the latest releases while still sitting on a tonne of new products ! & my local LSS ( we mainly have 2 here ) are bringing in 75 various brands over the next 6 mths !!! Can I say stash DIET ? hey ho. Altho' I mainly have eyes for one brand only & that would be Pink Paislee - I think they are rather economical & do not overdo their product lines. we shall see.

Eleni said...

Love these pages! :D

I didn't know that you're changing jobs ... are you happy, are the circumstances better? Let me know in an email! ;) It's been a while since we've chatted!!! :)

Susan said...

Oh how exciting, Paula! New beginnings are always an adventure. I hope you attain the satisfaction you are looking for in your new career. I love how you are scrapping your journey.

Marjolein said...

I just love the pages in your Time Minibook, very nice to look back at later! This page is great... love the photo!

michelle said...

you have been busy busy busy! That's what I love about this hobby, it's so therapeutic and being able to document your life and your journey is great.

Ronda P. said...

This is beautiful. I love that this word is so powerful for you! That is a beautiful picture. congrats on the new steps & employment!

Em's Blog said...

Congrats on the new job Paula and the pages are gorgeous, love that photo :o)