Sunday, 3 August 2008

Thank You..

to everyone who has sent well wishes for the start of my new job tomorrow. I apologise if I haven't dropped by your blogs but as you can imagine I have had rather a lot to do. I will pop by soon.
I had to cancel my sister, Tracy's visit this weekend as I couldn't cope with a house guest this close to my first day. She is going to come at the end of the month instead so that will be real fun. My job change has also brought with it life changes. I will be commuting daily but am fortunate to be working & travelling with my mate, Louise that left 3 months ago. It will be tiring the first week until I get into the pattern. I've been spoilt coming home for lunch everyday & working 7.30-3.30. Its 9-5 now & a 35 minute car journey either end. Still there was a time I worked from 5.30am - 6pm cleaning murder scenes & the like, so I consider Im doing okay these days! No craft to show you, it was too late to get photos but I will see if I can update in the week. I don't leave home until 8am so I might get decent light for some pics!!!

You remember my word is Happy, & I have been struggling a lot with it. Well I am well on the way now. I hadn't realised how unhappy I had become.


lam said...

Good luck and hope your first day tomorrow goes well.

Eleni Gratsia said...

You can do it sweetie!!! Happy is within your reach! :D

jakey said...

Good luck this week Paula - all will be well sweetheart - bigger and better things - be happy!!!!!

jk xxxxx

Alette said...

Congrats on the new job and I hope you have a great time doing it.
I haven´t been around lately ( sorry for that) But I'll try visit more often now. LOve the thing you made lately.


Andrea, said...

I hope your first day went well Paula, I'm sure you will soon get used to your new working hours. Have a good week.