Saturday, 9 August 2008

Time ..... to enjoy

Week 24 see's Ronda asking us to enjoy...
Well I always enjoy a sweet treat, & no treat is as lovely as these dark chocolate ginger biscuits. Now I've lost lots of weight I can have the odd small box. They transport me back in time & I enjoy the memories of my early married life living on a dairy farm in the south of the country. I used to buy finger shaped half coated ginger biscuits to enjoy with morning coffee while baking & tending my garden.
Isn't it funny how something can take you back like that! The ink is very well dried on the divorce papers but the good times remind me it wasn't all in vain.
I have completed my first full week in the new job & am mentally exhausted, but in a very good way. I have a lot of literature to read, learn & once studied, tests to take. I have already taken my first & am half way through the second. I have been very fortunate to be employed for a position I am not fully qualified for as I shall be receiving full in house training. At the end of it all I shall be a Personal Insurance Broker. I have spent the day lounging on the sofa chilling & watching telly. (and sleeping!! Well it is raining & grey!) My crafting might be sporadic for a while until I get into a routine but at least my new wardrobe is all non iron clothes!!! A girl's best friend. I certainly enjoyed making these small pages & might get my stamps & inks out tomorrow. I have another scrap kit on its way from the States so am very excited about getting that. I might even complete this layout here on my craft table, all it needs is the title adding, but I am feeling rather a tad lazy today!


Micayla said...

OOOh check out you with kits coming for the US, I am not jealous honest!!! Okay maybe a little.
Test results have come back and I have symptons of P.I.H so they are just going to keep an eye on me, so make sure it does not develop further!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend and glad to hear that work is going well.
Love the scrappage too xx

Je@net said...

Great pages Paula!!
And I'm so glad you enjoy your new job!!

Unknown said...

Wonderful this is - and thanks for the picture and words about the chocolate gingers. I am hungry now! Lol Lynn x

Pearl said...

Sweet pages ! I didnt realise ginger biscuits could with chocolate too ! we normally have plain ginger biscuits here .

It's great you're enjoying the new work & on the way to new qualifications !

Can't wait to see what you'd do with the next SC kit !

Nina said...

Hey, Paula dear! Hope you're doing well and enjoying your new job! What?! You cleaned up crime scenes before? Can't imagine it!

Loving your creations as well. What a lovely desk calendar! =)

Nina <--- still in Taiwan

Anonymous said...

You sound so much happier with this new jobby job. so glad to hear that! enjoy your lazy day!

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

How lovely to scrap about special memories, hey? Enjoy your US package. I just got one today too and am loving it :)

It's great to hear about the way the new job is shaping up! Congratulations - it sounds like you have landed on your feet!

artfulstampin said...

Loving your calender! what a great idea. Sorry I haven't been over for ages, must add you to my rss feed!