Friday, June 29, 2007

More Rain!

After a whole day with nothing more than a dark sky & some spots, the heavens have again opened & it is pouring down. It is so dark, I am having to put a light on to type!
I have no energy when the weather is like this. I end up in bed early, sleeping the "summer" away as if it were winter.
Today is quite sad as my employers of 14 years, retire. They sold the business last year, but worked on as Consultants. It is early retirement & they have fabulous things planned. There will be some tears before this evening, rather fitting for the weather!!
Here is a card I made at the weekend while playing with my Alcohol inks.
The stamped design is done using the brushless watercolour technique.
I was making something else & had this piece of AI foil left over.
What I love about these inks is the fact you can use the same colours 4 or 5 times & never get the same effect. Each piece is truly unique.
I'm also pleased that I have completed a challenge EARLY!! Sadly too dark for a picture, heres' hoping for tonight as the deadline is Monday! Two more to do before 6th & 8th, so lets hope I continue in this vein.


Nat said...

wow. such a beautiful card- love the results with the alcohol ink!

Jo said...

This is beautiful - love the stamping, it looks brilliant. I wish it would stop raining too :)

jo xx

Jules said...

That is a lovely card, love the colours you have used.

(I stumbled across your site whilst looking for fellow cardmakers btw)

I've added you to my favourites so I can pop by and see more of your creations soon.

Jules x

Megan said...

Paula this card looks so pretty! I like the watercolour looks great.

Megan xx

Maisymary's Findings said...

how did the retirement party go ? sounds like your bosses are a dream ! sorry to see them go . great go with the alcohol inks again ! always nice to do original work like this !

Lythan said...

What an absolutely amazing card - I love all the things you have done with alcahol inks here!