Sunday, June 03, 2007

UKS challenge -May Week 5

Thank you Eleni. You set me the challenge, you threw down that gauntlet & I just had to prove to myself I could do it! So, here is my attempt at the weekly challenge. first Ive done in months & in 12x12 format. (But only because I desperately wanted to use this paper & it wouldn't cut down to 8.5x11)

A Voyage or Travel 10pts- paper & photo. Gillian will recognise this fantastic ship as it is not very far from where she lives.Paper is K&Co Life's journey travel log.

Use red 5pts- papermania reds cardstock collection.

Use a book title 10pts - Gulliver's Travels printed onto inkjet transparency using computer font Calligrapher. Attached with two black mini papermania brads.

Clock face/hands/numbers 5pts- The stamp on my photo & the paper also has a fob watch.
Other materials used, phototurn, clear stamps words.
Handwritten journalling done on the page of the travel log. SLO 10pts total 40pts.

I enjoyed doing this page. But I yearn to go back to my 8.5x11!


Megan said...

Just catching up on your creations Paula...they all look fabulous! Max is such a cute looking cat!

Megan xx

Gillian Hamilton said...

Ah the "ALMA DOPEL" it's still docked on our Lady Nelson's Walf Paula.... it always looks fabulous down there, against our Town Green....
Beautiful LO.... I just love everything about it....

Brigitta said...

just catching up again Paula and you've got some great stuff uploaded again! Max is the cutest kitten ever and I love you take on "one little word" I wanna have a got at that later on today. I've also started crocheting granny-squares, might upload them later today. take care and I'm still working on your box (I've really got too much stuff!!!)

Karine Flores said...

This is very beaultifull.
I love post cards.

Latharia said...

WOW!!! That's all I can say ... WOW!!!

Latharia said...

PS: What is the song on your blog? I don't know who the artist or the song title is -- something about flying to the moon and back?