Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A New Blog

I have begun setting up a new blog. It is called Pixie's Gallery.
The link is in my sidebar.
I wanted to get all my minibooks & layouts on display as the photos are gathering dust here on my computer. It is time consuming to get them uploaded so give it a week before most of the work is on.
I have also included Youtube & will change the music selection frequently. You get to decide if you want a listen or not. Strange though that it only opens at the top of the screen!

Some of you may have noticed the music has been removed from this, my main blog & the reason for this is simply, it is causing problems. I think they are writing too many tracking cookies into the code & it is causing havoc, not to mention the adverts & pop ups!!
Im sad, its like the end of an era. I love music so much.
Anyway, I should be back again tonight with my DCM mid week dare entry!

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