Sunday, June 03, 2007

Pencil Lines #34 -Max

Edit to this post. I viewed my blog from someone elses PC & some of my text was missing on the paragraph at the bottom re: Lewis. Naughty Mr blogger. It has been re inserted now. Thankfully he won't see this as it appeared as thought I'd written him off!!!!! Sorry Lew!

This page was made using papermania cardstock from the earth pack. Orange patterned paper was free from Scrapbook Inspirations as was the arrow I placed my journalling in. The rub on flower was also an SI free gift. Fish button from a pack of cat buttons purchased from Papermaze. The paw prints were stamped in plae orange & they were a set of cat stamps I bought from Ebay.
Max is now quite grown up, but I adore the pictures of him as a kitten. He owns my sister, Tracy.

* * * * * * *

Congratulations, Lewis on making it to the final. Both performances were fantastic but I think the public have already made their decisions & it will be between the other two. I sincerely hope I am wrong!! We want talent! As I have said all along, Lewis is a shining star & he will have an amazing career ahead of him, on the stage. Then, he can become a popstar as JB said he would only ever be & make millions.
Go for it Lewis, chase your dreams & NEVER give up on them.
They WILL come true. Happy 18th Birthday for next week.

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micayla said...

Girl, I love that layout!!! It rocks!

Eleni said...

OOOOhhhh I like this one tooo ... you still have until midnight to do the UKS challenge!!! :D

stamp and scrape said...

This is very sweet - love the fish bones!

Liz Ness said...

Oh, I love your layout! I am such a cat lover, myself...and, what a great name.

My sister has four cats and one of her's is named Max, too. I need to show her your page because it is so beautiful and she's just starting to get into scrapping because of her "babies."

iralamija said...

oh! I love this LO Paula! it is so beautiful!!

Bety :)

Gillian Hamilton said...

Yay...he's made it through... you know I'm hanging on your posts to see if he gets there...and I haven't even heard the boy!
Love this LO Paula, I giggled when you put on there that Max owns your sister... how true of cats...