Friday, 10 January 2020

Altered Folder

This is my first attempt at an altered folder.
The folder in question was from back in the day
when I was an agent for Freemans' Catalogue.
I kept it for years knowing I could re-purpose it!

Here's what I did.
This first photo doesn't show the colour too well.
I used black gesso over Golden Pumice Gel.
I then glued on die cuts & added pearls.
Then coated the whole thing in black gesso.

Next I added metallic paints - dry brushing them
over the surface. 
In the next two photos, I have altered the
shadows so the blue/green colours
will show up more.
 This is the back.
I'm not entirely happy with how it looks,
but in fairness, getting the right light might have
helped my cause!!
It looks really streaky in this picture,
but it isn't in real life.
I house all my Memory Box & Spellbinder dies
in this folder. Memory box come in such
adorable envelopes, I didn't want 
to throw them out!
 The pumice gel was applied through a stencil,
I'm wishing I had the Fleur De Lis for this project.
But I'm happy with it for a first try.

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