Tuesday, 14 January 2020

A New Pencil Pot..

made from recycling the centres
from two empty reels of tape.
You can tell it's handmade & that just
adds to my delight!
The bottom roll was from metal duct tape
& the top was left from double sided tape.
 Another view of the completed article.
Embossed metal tape with blue
metallic paint on it.
 Here's what they looked like to begin.
I was working on my Tombstone at the time
& while waiting for things to dry,
I was putting this together.
I covered them inside & out with white cardstock strips
& painted them with black gesso.

 I stuck metal duct tape to thin card & embossed
them all using Tim Holtz Bingo & Fragments
embossing folders.
I then pieced them together onto the pot
as I have seen Lorrimarie Jenkins do in
many of her altered book projects.
 In the bottom corner, you can see the top reel
just painted black on the outside.
I decided to put a little paint on the finished piece
just to highlight the edges. I didn't want a thick cover.

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