Sunday, August 27, 2006

Feeling (sort of) Fine....

There is an Album & song by a band Semisonic called "Feeling Strangely Fine", it sums up me right now.... The throat is still very sore & my backache is no better, but I am buzzing with ideas & tired of sketching sat in bed. I decided that as today is reasonably bright, it might not be a half bad idea if I took myself out into the daylight & fresh air.
Of course a trip to The Range was a good idea for a long walk!!!! There I decided to get out my "Wish List" & see what I could treat myself to....
Sadly the three main goodies on my list weren't in stock, so I settled for a pack of the new Papermania ribbon sets. Only £1.99 introductory offer. Mostly I adore ribbon,buttons & brads above all other embellishments. Decided on another X-cut punch (after deciding if I'd ever use it more than the once!) Then a See D's alphabet for odd words. Finally after much deliberation (well there were 5 packs to choose from & budget tight, you know how it is!!) I came away with a pack of the Retro Sarapapers, srummy yummy!!So I feel better now I've had a treat even if the purse is rather deflated lol!!!

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scrapdolly said...

If you need banner help let me know
I can make them dead easily and thanks to Clare know where to pt them