Wednesday, April 11, 2007

DCM Recipe & Another Layout

Yesterday was Mid Week DCM day & we were given another recipe to use. I like recipes.
5 circles, 3 squares & 1 flower.
I had a very hectic day at work as Easter is the start of the Jetski season & I will be very busy now until July/August!! I made this card because spring is very much on my mind. The yellow gingham paper has 5 circles cut from it & buttons placed on a piece of green gingham behind the circles. 3 silver squares house 2 photos of the daisys I have as my screensaver & the flower.
I wish I'd had more time to do another but am so tired. After 4 days off the 5.30am get ups were a rude awakening!!!

This is another collaboration between a Pencil Lines sketch & the UKS Weekly Challenge.
Use something foreign 10pts, Australian photo of Koalas my dad took.
Use wavy edge 10pts, I cut the BG Scarletts letter In the forest paper wavy.
Use toes 10pts, hmmmmm! Hence the Koala! You can see his toes in both pics. He was sat in a tree outside the house Dad stayed in Port Macquarie in October last year.


Gillian Hamilton said...

so lovely to see some of my hometown friends on your blog Paula, we've got a Mummy & Bubby Koala in our street too... they look so funny waddling back and forth from Gum to Gum..
Gorgeous LO and I love your 'spring''s so beautiful..Well done on using the recipe so well..

Kathy said...

Lovely card and LO Paula
I've got a soft spot for Koalas - they are are so soft and sleepy and cute! I was lucky enough to have a little cuddle when I was in Port Douglas a few years back - still makes me go ahhhhh when I think of it!
I'll catch up on all your other posts later!

Sarah said...

Great spring colours on this card, really pretty.

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Love the card Paula and the layout is fabulous!

domestic goddess said...

love your sketch LO this week paula

Eleni said...

Love the card Paula... :D

Oooh, 5.30 am .. agh ... tomorrow I wake up early too, but just have a 2-hour lesson, so easing into the hectic life of next week! :D

How's your back?

mamaluke said...

Lovely spring colours on the card!

Maisymary's Findings said...

what good fun to combine different sketches & challenges - helps to overcome any blocks !

great card with the recipe & sketch ! I'll try to have a go with a sketch this card !

micayla said...

I meant to ask you....Are there any good scrapbooking and fabric shops in sunny scunny. I may be taking a look on Sat!!

Tracey said...

Great card & LO Paula - brill!

jake said...

I love this! I'm really liking green at the mo... most unlike me :-)

So how are you kiddo? Missed you lately as I've been so busy.

jk xx