Monday, April 09, 2007

Inter Team £5 challenge.

Here is the completed layout as promised. The layout below of me as Cinderella actually cost less than this one!!!!!!!!! As will the one I am currently working on!
Two sheets of Bazzill cardstock in Navy & Sky 90p
Two sheets White A4 card 20p
Papermania Ribbon pack blues £2.99
4 white shirt buttons 16p
seashells free
Total spend £4.25
Titles were allowed to be computer generated mine was calligrapher, as it is easy to hand cut!!
Only basic tools were allowed just like the challenges set in Scrapbook Inspirations.
The photo is Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia.


Eleni said...

Wow, and less than 5 pounds ... way to go!!! :D

Maggie said...

beautiful colours

judith said...

Beautiful LO!! I really like the clean and simple style and the colors!!

Megan said...

Paula this is magic. I've been to Port Macquarie too - such a beautiful place.

Megan xx

Latharia said...

Looks great! I went to a scrapbooking retreat a week and a half ago where I brought virtually no paper with me. Just used the scraps leftover from others' projects. I DID have to use brand new base cardstock, but otherwise, it didn't cost me anything!

Maisymary's Findings said...

Wow what a great challenge ! To stay under GBP5 ! lol

Looove the Dido vide / music ! - one of my studio shots in BKK ! lol - great basic photoshopping ! I must try to photoshop myself in future !

ttfn, Pearl

Gillian Hamilton said... home town...lovely Paula... and sorry I got mixed up re the 5pound LO.. this is lovely, esp love the little bits on the side...