Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Not A Lot of Blogging Going On!

I haven't blogged a lot of late. Mainly as I haven't made a great deal to share.
My birthday minibook is taking shape, but I don't want to rush to finish it & spoil it. (As is my book of Happy. It is a progression of a years work & won't be seen until December.)
I had a fabulous Easter weekend relaxing & spending time with friends. I did do some crafting, but mainly rested up as it is very busy now at work.Most of the stuff made has been cards I am uninspired to scrap much don't feel I can make a page for making its' sake.
Hands up to not doing anything else with my word HAPPY recently. The page I had planned never came to being as it wouldn't gel & got religated to the bottom of the pizza box I use for scraps!! Ali is busy with her book & no prompts are coming each week to set the brain on fire!!
I do have a couple of challenges to do but getting motivated after a 7 hour day is quite hard.
I've also recently had a problem health wise & have not been 100%. Things are settling back down now, but am still very uncomfortable in my tummy.
I had a fantastic massage over the weekend & it made me very drowsy. I slept most of it if I wasn't watching television.
I have done the blog rounds where possible, but I have noticed that many people are not updating their blogs or reading other people's. So perhaps the novelty is wearing off for a lot of them.
I get on the forums when I can but even they are relatively quiet at the moment.
Must be all this summer sun we are having!


Gillian Hamilton said...

Glad you are starting to feel better...
in Aust it's school holidays, so I think that's why the Aussie & NZ girls are all a bit quiet in Blogland.. :o)

Megan said...

Hi Paula,

Well the massage obviously did some good - you needed the rest it seems.

I hope your health gets back to tip-top condition and you can bounce off the walls yet again!

Megan xx

janine said...

Hey Paula, sorry for not dropping by but it has been school holiday time and I have been sick for most of it. I will make more of an effort. Now Ali should be sending out her newsletter this week. As for me I am plodding on with my one word layouts and or posts on a Monday.

CarolineO said...

HI Paula, hope you're feeling much better now, Love your LO and new cards :)

Eleni said...

Sounds like you need some new incentive me girl .... hmmmmm .... have to think about how I can surprise you!!! ;-) LOL