Monday, April 30, 2007

Sketch This card 10 & Congratulations Louise!!

Here is my attempt at the sketch This card template week 10. I love these papers!!!

This next card is to say Congratulations Louise!!! My work mate passed her exams & I went round on Saturday for a BBQ & several drinks. It was great to relax after having been under the weather. I had made a pink card for her some time ago but she saw it by accident when she came over for my birthday. not to worry, I had new papers I wanted to play with!!!

I have been tagged again, by Linda & here are another 7 random facts about myself,

1) I am terrified of heights. 2) I love Goat's cheese. 3) I adore Home Alone the movie.

4) I love getting wet through in a rain storm, then jumping in a warm bath, fluffy clothes & sipping hot chocolate. 5) I love cats & dogs. 6) I hate arguements & arguing full stop.

7) I love being cuddled, so long as I am allowed to cuddle back!!


Carole Janson said...

Hi Paula, I had to do a big catch up on all your beautiful cards, just gorgeous.

Love them all.

I hope you have a lovely week.

Carole xx

regina said...

wow paula, love the colors on these two cards....great job regina

Alette said...

Beautiful card Paula, I always love the ones you make.
Sorry for not visiting as much, well commenting that is. For some unknown reason it is not always possible to comment on your blog. Don't know why, and just now, I could :) :)
anyway have a great week


Megan said...

Paula as soon as I read your answer to #4 it just made me feel so snuggly and cosy lol. I love that feeling of being cold then getting rugged up and warm too!

Fabulous cards as always!

mamaluke said...

loving that paper!!! can you email me your address please...