Thursday, March 29, 2007

Another of my Photos

Here is another of the professional pics.
I like this one, it is fun & although you can't see,
I was lying on a plank which was propped up against
the wall & my friend Louise had her feet planted firmly at the bottom. I kept slipping down & just after this shot, I slid
onto the floor in hysterics!!!
Last night I went out to a "retirement do".
The school caretaker was holding a bash to celebrate leaving after 20 years.
I met up with teachers I had worked along side from 10 years ago & some that I worked with until very recently, when I left last Feb.
It was a fun night, I didn't have too much to drink it being a week work night, but it was great to get together with the lasses I used to work with & shake my booty on the dance floor.
Oh yes, this pixie loves to dance!!!!!!


Ann said...

Gorgeous photo Paula!
Sounds like the photo shoot was a lot of fun.

Paula Sealey said...

What a beautiful photo! Have a great weekendxx

micayla said...

Wow the pic is fabby!!! I would love to get mine done, maybe once i have lost weight!!! TEE HEE!
I cannot believe you was from Gy/Imm, such a small world eh!!

Gillian Hamilton said...

{{{WOLF WHISTLE}}}....
Cor.. Paula.. this is GORGEOUS!!!!
and what a great angle to take a picy at.. sounds like you did have fun while they took this one.. LOL!!!!

Kathy said...

this is a fab pic Paula - you can really tell that you're having fun - something I never do when on the "wrong" side of the camera!

Rachel said...

stunning and a fab fun photo - get scrapping girl ~wink~

Rhi said...

Fantastic Pic Paula, cant wait to see this one scrapped :) Rhi x

Maisymary's Findings said...

Great pic ! lovely ! fun way to have it taken too ! sliding down the plank ! dance yr weekend away ? lol

jake said...

Well,look at you! Gorgeous aren't you :-)

Fantastic photo girlie, you look like a star!

jk xx