Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mum, Forever in my Thoughts

Today is the 33rd Anniversary of the day my Mum died.
She is in the middle of this photograph. I believe this was taken in 1973, I may be wrong.
The people on either side are Kath, my Dad's sister & Grandma, his Mum, who passed away April 2002 .
I don't have a lot of photos, but this is one of my favourite.
I hate March in many ways. Mother's day is just around the corner & it hurts to see all the wonderful things you can give your Mum to show her how much she means to you.
My dad has his birthday on Friday, he has never really celebrated it since this day in 1974. My 40th birthday is in 12 days.
I am very lucky to have inherited my Mum's skills as a sewing machinist. I can make my own curtains & soft furnishings & I even made a skirt once using one of my Mum's patterns. She made all our dresses & trousers.
Grandma was the knitter, although my Mum could knit. Grandma made all my cardis & jumpers. I was very well dressed!!
I can crochet although it is wobbly as I am left handed, but they could only teach me with my right hand. I can even darn socks as my Grandma taught me how.
I am proud to have these genes from two amazing women. So today I always pay tribute to both of them as I rarely think of one without the other. For in laws, they truly seemed more like blood relatives.


Megan said...

Paula I am so sorry you have been without your mother for so long, and that you have little memory of her. It's wonderful you have this photo, and that you have inherited some of her skills though. And what a dreadful month March must be for you. I hope it isn't too upsetting for you this time around.

Megan xx

Eleni said...

Paula I know how you feel ... I too lost my Dad on March 28th 1992 - luckily I was 25 at the time, so I was blessed in having him more years than you your mum ... but March is never one of my fav months either ... I think I've learnt to deal with the pain more but that ache of loss is difficult to let go!

BTW, I'm also left handed ... any more similaries and we could be twins!!! LOL

Kathy said...

Oh Paula, I'll be thinking of you - I know how you feel. My beloved father died less than 2 years after OH and I were married, and my mum died in 2003 - she was never really happy after dad died, she missed him so much.
So have a hug from me, because I feel the same sort of pain that all these anniversaries bring. No matter how much time passes, the pain of loss always remains.

Brigitta said...

big hugs from me Paula. I know how you feel, my dad died when I was 13 (29 years ago this August) The missing never stops. So sweet that you remember her here with us.


Debbie said...

Oh Paula sending you (((hugs))) darlin' ... as you say your mum and your gran have left you the legacy of their talents and each time you create something you are using that legacy passed onto you.

Saffa said...

Oh Paula, Such a touching post! I need a hankie now! I'm sorry that you have been without your mum for such a long time. It's lovely that you can reflect on what gifts you have inherited!


love and hugs


Latharia said...

What a wonderful entry -- such a super photo, and delightful reflective writing!

Gillian Hamilton said...

Paula this is a lovely tribute to the love you feel for your mother.. God Bless You xx

Tracie H said...


Scripture by Design said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Paula!
This is such a lovely story to share with us. Thanks!

Concetta said...

Lovely post, sweet friend. The way we keep our loved ones alive is to continue to tell their stories. We are their collected memory and we are the story tellers.

Here's to the wonderful women who shaped us!

With love,