Monday, March 12, 2007

Pink to brighten the Monday blues!

Thank You for the lovely comments on my Mum's layout, below.
This card is a commission.
This I have made for my boss. His mum is 60, same day as my 40th birthday, & his wife asked me to make the card. I made one very similar in January for Janet, our colleagues 60th.
I hate Mondays right now. The weekend goes too fast, I woke up to a bright day & all I can think of is the things I could do that time ran out for over the weekend!!!
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Gillian Hamilton said...

Hi Paula..very pretty card..
I really like the way you put the fibre through the eyelets.. very clever.. I do love that verse too..
I hate that about the weekends too.. but was pleased today as Monday meant everyone got to go to school. after 2 weeks of sick children.. always much better when everyone is well.. :o)