Monday, March 05, 2007

Simple Card

That was the request from a work colleague today. She wanted something quite plain & simple with white flowers for her daughter's birthday. At least I can share this with you!
I came home & made it straight away. I didn't feel daunted as I have done for the last few days.
I still have one to make for another colleague, but I am happy that I could make this.

I have 3 Art Journal cards to make now & I think two are going to be so simple. I have a desire for small. The space isn't too hard to fill. I really hope I can go back to a 12" page soon as I have a great idea to do with the book extract. I just can't get it to work for me!! Perhaps reading all weekend has taken my mind off everything. I am still tired but feeling great to have no pain in my mouth & the sniffles are going slowly.
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Ann said...

Your card is lovely Paula, simple and very elegant....nicely done!

Esther said...

Somtimes the simpler the better, and you have proven it in this case! Lovely card, says it all. Also thought I would let you know about my Goodies up for grabs prize draw, really easy all you have to do is complete a sentance, come along nd join the fun :)

Latharia said...

Very pretty card! Thanks for posting on my blog. I am glad that you got enough of a raise to cover that increase in rent ... isn't life all about the ebb and flow?! WOW!

Gillian Hamilton said...

Paula this is just beautiful...
I love how you have even arranged the flowers in the bunch.. I'm sure it will be treasured.. :o)
Hope you are soon feeling better..

Maisymary's Findings said...

This card is lovely , Paula ! Less is more often than not isnt it ? lol

yeah fancy that ! I haven't even thought of making my own me doll ! lol but that's a good thought !

I've got 3 challenges to work towards all month & they range from an LO to an altered item etc Great stuff to focus on what I am needing to make anyways !

Hope you're feeling better too !

xo, Pearl

mamaluke said...

Thats a beautifully simple card, feminine without being tooooo girly :) I'm sure your mojo will pop back soon, just enjoy bog hopping in the mean time!

ania said...

Very lovely card! And *cheer* you can do it! Ps. ever tried lettersize? It's lovely, I love to alternate the sizes - just take the plunge and do so if you haven't before. It'll be a bit unusual at start but try to scrap 2-3-4 before deciding whete ryou like it or not :)

Kathy said...

Paula that is such a pretty card - the little bouquet is beautiful and works so well with that shade of pink