Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Nothing much to show

I've woken later than planned, got nothing completed to show, although by teatime I will have the DCM LE card sketch finished.
I'm a bit tired & therefore a grouchy pixie.
My mouth is a bit sore again but am battling to fight them off as my birthday is now 5 days away!!!
I also go round all the blogs first thing with a mug of tea, or two ( in a china mug of course!) but I haven't had time for that either, so apologies ladies I will get round later.
I did acomplish something good last night, I tidied up my finances (no wonder I'm emotionally drained!!) Sadly there are no funds for scrap stash, which would have been the ideal solution to my problems, but not to worry, I do have some lovely bits & pieces to play with if mojo is up for it!!!!!

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