Friday, March 09, 2007

Happy Birthday, Dad

Today, my Dad semi retires, he is 65. I'm sure he will go out tonight with the best friends of my Stepmum to celebrate with 4 or 5 pints of Greens!!!
My stepmum passed away almost 3 years ago, & her two best friends "look after" him each weekend & make sure he doesn't get drunk!!!! That's usually because, Carol is busy drinking him under the table, while Anne organises him!! (she sorts card buying etc because we all know what men can be like!)
I made this card for him using a card making paper pack. They are useful for emergencies such as lost mojos. The watch image is a watch & compass my Dad was given years ago by an old sea captain. I turned the photo blue to match the colour scheme.

Good news, I think my mojo is returning. It visited me yesterday & I have a half finished 12" layout, which I am very pleased with. I'm using the other half of the Urban Lily, Babylily, Denim paper I used on my Sewing machine collage. The card dare is up at 10am, & I'm hoping for a weekend of crafting, in between various appointments I have arranged, because it is finally Friday!!!!!!!!!!


Latharia said...

YAY! I am glad your mojo is coming back!!!!

Gillian Hamilton said...

woohoo.. your mojo is def back this card is AMAZING Paula.. just love it.. Happy Birthday to your Dad!..
sounds like you are sewing up something beautiful. :o)

Rachel said...

Happy Belated Birthday Paulas dad!!!! Hope the hangover wasnt too severe hehe. Please send on my love Paula xxxx fab card btw *wink*