Sunday, March 04, 2007

UKS Sunday Blogger

Well I have had a restful weekend of laying around a lot & reading. I have made a card which I can't share as it is for my Dad's birthday on the 9th.
None of my pages are working & I think I need a break. So after some housework, I read lots. I often finding reading novels fills me with creative ideas.
The new pencil lines sketch goes live at 8pm, so who knows I might just get back some inspiration.....
Meanwhile onto the Sunday blog Prompt by Scrappyfairy on UKS......

I have thought about today's prompt - it was inspired by one of our residents that has an OCD - and has a strict regime of moves around the house before he can move on with his day.. so the question is"Are you superstitious, or do you have an OCD style need to do certain things in certain situations? Do you know why you are superstitious?"

Oh boy am I superstitious!!!!
I'm paranoid about magpies, though I know darn well whether you speak to them or not doesn't make the blind bit of difference, I do it anyhow!
Ladders don't bother me, but then you aren't going to walk under something in case some one drops something on your clean suit (well I know mine is machine washable but can't get out of work because it isn't clean!!)
I always say White Rabbits & will not have a calendar showing on the last day of the month. I turn them over faced down so no one can see them until the day changes!!!! Why, I can't tell you!!!
My Grandma was very superstitious & she had a thing about washing on a certain day of the year. It must not be done as it would wash people away. I can't for the life of me remember which day it was but it worried me. She would also refuse to have blue & green together. I personally think they look great but it was a sign of death for her.
As for OCD's. Mine has to be re arranging things when people move them. If a placemat is moved the wrong side of the coffee table, or cushions sat on, I will wait politely for them to leave then everything has to be put back!!! I'm not obssessionally tidy, but my motto is "a place for everything & everything in its place". I'm not super house proud, but things do have homes & i like them there!!
So hey, perhaps I am!!!!


Debbie said...

Oh Paula a weekend of reading sounds like heaven to me!

Maisymary's Findings said...

Yo Paula

Wow you're up way early or is it your usual time ?

I have been making stuff that I cant show too lately . lol . Until the right time .... hey ho ...

It's interesting that you have the kind of superstitions that you do . we Chinese are of course well known for a whole host of them.... but i shall not go there ... lol

smiles, Pearl

Gillian Hamilton said...

Oh the thought of superstitions makes me laugh.. all i hear in my head is all the ones my mum says.. not so much these days I guess, but I think I know them all.. and my sewing teacher used to say 'Blue & Green should never be seen without a colour inbetween'.. hah!!.. not these days..LOL!!!..
Great Post again Paula.. :o)