Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The little things that can make you happy

Floral pink candle from Woolworths
Fake floral arrangement from a small shop in Lincoln
Plastic Sunflowers in metal pitcher
You must all have some. Those tiny things you don't think about all the time, or even see a lot of the time. Then something happens to cause you to look at them & you smile & feel that fuzzy warm "happy" feeling inside.
Well you all know my sofa is the best one for this, & yesterday I was able to complete the details for the payment of it, having bought it free for a year. (well the interest was best off in my account!!!)
These other 3 things are true "happy bringers". The candle has an amazing scent & just every now & then, you catch it. I was laying on the sofa with my novel, & I just happened to smell the aroma. I looked up & smiled at the candle. Now, I know that sounds like I've gone mad but, yes, I smiled at it because it is so pretty.
The fake blooms in the glass vase bring back bittersweet memories. The day they were purchased was incredible. My sister & I were shopping for ourselves, not food or other boring crud, US, & we had a great day. Then Nigel, BIL, met us for a drink & a bite to eat in our favourite pub & eating establishment, The Wig & Mitre & Brown's Pie shop.
We went home & opened wine to round off the day nicely. Despite all the sad memories of Nigel's loss, this day always stays with me as one of the very best.
I think the sunflowers are pretty self explanatory, when the sun streams in through the glass in the back door, it lights them up & I feel happy.
If you have made it this far down without falling asleep, well done!!
Now I challenge you to look around your home & spot the "little things". Link back to me if you want so I can see what your "happy bringers" are.
My friend Joy, once described her kitchen to me & it sounded so pretty, I wanted to be there & sit & drink tea out of china, (well it is a fact, I am a snob, because I will only drink tea from a china mug, it tastes so much better!) :0)


Megan said...

Very happy photos Paula!

Vee said...

Hi Paula

Love your little items - they do brighten the day don't they xx

I am around, but we have just heard we are moving to Chesterfield in about 6 weeks, so i am busy getting rid of alot of stuff, and trying to sort out my mountain of stash ready to put on the market place!! I think my blog will be a bit quite till after the move

Vicki xx

Gillian Hamilton said...

Oh so pretty...great post Paula.. always wonderful to read :o)

Debbie said...

Oh what a lovely post Paula .. I'm going to take you up on your challenge and wander round my house with my camera today .. shall let you know what I find!

Brigitta said...

I'll have a look around too and let you know when they're on my blog