Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Art Journal week 5

"Use ephemera from your week."
I chose to use my till receipt & the picture from the fish pack as my promise to myself for this year ( not a resolution, a firm promise) is to eat more fish.
It is healthy & very good for you but I hate all the bones & skin. These from Sainsburys & I daresay other supermarkets have their own range, are de boned & skinned & reasonably priced as I find fish is so expensive.
The boiler is almost sorted. It was working for 3 hours yesterday & he thought it was sorted as the fan had got stuck. Sadly the moment I asked for hot water for a bath it went out, not to be re-lit!!! Never mind my bosses have given me permission to duck home at any time to get it sorted when they an get back to it.


Lythan said...

love your take on this weeks challenge!

Tami said...

i like all of your layouts but who is singing? I like it and I have been looking for some new music lately. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula, what an excellent challenge, what you have created for it is so different, and very clever, I can almost taste it LOL !!

Have a great week Paula.

Best Wishes

Brigitta said...

That horrible boiler of yours!!! wanna come over to Holland for a couple of weeks? ;-))

I'm gonna use my parking ticket from the hospital for this weeks card challenge, got my ICD/pacemaker check-up tomorrow. It'll take me longer in travelling time than the actual stay in the hospital. ah well, there are worse things

Di said...

Love your take on this weeks art journal challenge Paula, good luck with the healthy eating plan.

Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)