Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fruitless Saturday!!

Oh yes, I planned two layouts or even an attempt at two doubles & I then sat the whole day with a desk full of pics & not one single design idea!!!!!!!!!!
By tea time I was feeling very miserable, as I saw it as a day completely wasted.
Then I hit on the idea of a mini book using one of the free minis from SI.
It is almost completed. I wanted the book to focus on the pics but also mostly on the journalling.
So I have kept the patterned paper to a bare minimum. It just requires a bit of embellishing & it is done. I am more than pleased with it.
Then as you might guess, I sat bolt upright in bed about 5.30am this morning with an idea for a page using two of the best pictures. Once I get my chores done I will crack on. It is going to be based on a sketch Shimelle did in SI back in Jan 06.
I have come to the conclusion that I will never design a double page & it is a shame, but it always looks far too uniform when I sketch them & layout the pictures!!!
I do have plans for a page on my sisters home, but must wait & see what the pencil lines sketch for today is. The sketch goes live at 8pm.

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Lynne.x said...

Paula I hve been the same this weekend. I have 6 card orders that I planned to have completed this weekend .... I've managed one and a half, but did get 3 of the 'A Deck of Me' done, so not is lost.