Saturday, February 03, 2007

Gorgeous things

This is what the post man kindly brought me today from Gillian, over in Australia.
Gillian very recently did a RAK, & although my name wasn't selected she knew how much I loved these blue papers by Urban Lily, babylily range.
So she kindly saved some of them for me & posted them over along with a few bits & pieces to match them.
We had chatted about book rings as being a big minibook fan, I struggled to find decent sized ones. She found these four big ones at the front of the pic.
I can see that will do nicely for my Happy minibook which is in progress.
So A very warm Thank You, to Gillian for thinking of this cold little pixie.
(but fingers crossed the boiler gets fixed today!!)
don't say it too loud in case it hears & doesn't happen!!!!!
Oh, & of course another music change. The Killers & Mr Brightside..... quite apt right now as I can still smile & see the bright side despite being very cold...


Susan said...

Wow, Paula - you've been busy! I laughed with delight when I saw your 'many faces'. And you have some wonderful LOs going here. If this is what you do when you are too cold, well, we certainly benefit!!

Trust you have some heat before too long though - it's not funny being cold too long. While you have been cold, I have had a week of electrical storms keeping me away from the phone and the computer. Oh - work has also gotten in the way of crafting! There will be something new on my blog before I go to bed tonight tho - I am determIned!

Kathy said...

Oooh what a lucky pixie you are - ewll about the package from Oz if not the chilly house! Pity Gill couldn't pack a bit of Aussies summer sunshine into that envelope too, eh?

Gillian Hamilton said...

I'm still amazed it got there sooo quickly.. Enjoy Hun.. I know you'll make those gorgeous things even more gorgeous!!! :o)

Eleni said...

Lovely Paula... had no idea you were still without heating .. oh dear!!!! :((

Monika said...

First date. OMG I don't remember. Love your layout. :wub:

Leni said...