Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bumbleberry Photo Swop

The postman brought me this yesterday. Isn't it just fab!!!
This is my photograph sent to Angie in Ireland for the photo swop.
The picture is my Dad & Grandad. Dad is about 8years old & they are at Brigg Market.
It used to be a marvellous day out at the cattle market in Brigg. They sold all livestock & I remember going a time or two as well.
I love the colours & the design.
I coouldn't scrap this picture I just couldn't get an idea to work.
So a BIG THANK YOU from a very happy, but still very cold Pixie!!


Gillian Hamilton said...

Wow Paula, you've gotta be happy with this... what a clever girl she is, this is just beautiful...

iralamija said...

Nice!! Love the photo!