Friday, February 09, 2007

Behind with my crafting!!

Due to the lack of heating this week, I have been suffering & so has my art!!
My fingers are not very nimble when cold & I have not produced any work since Tuesday!
This is dreadful!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a pencil lines sketch I really wanted to do but right now the design is not "speaking" to me. I just can't find photos I want to use & I put it down to being cold & can't be bothered to think.
The new card dare will be up today & I'm hoping to get that made. I did make a card for someone which I can't share & until I can get to the Post Office (kinda stuck in waiting for boiler repair) the lady the card is destined for has not even received it yet!

I received in the post a fabulous mini project made by a lady I met on a forum, Diane Von Kesmark, & until my camera batteries are charged up I can't take a photo. She made a tiny mini book in a mouth freshener container. It is very small & cute & pics will be on here as & when.

On a good note, I did get my Aezine newsletter from Ali Edwards on Wednesday evening, & it is all about Creative Manifestos' & writing my own.
At first I thought, OMG, what!!! But, having re read the email & the prompt questions, I have let it run around my head a while & am coming up with something. I can't see me making a page layout or minibook about it but I can get started on short sentences. that said, who knows what the weekend will bring!!!
One thing is for certain I just can't see me making a page for the UKS House Challenge, this month as I can't gel a page together using a Nursery Rhyme, I don't even have any suitable papers & buying stash just to do a layout is not on the cards this year unless it is for a special person or occasion, cash is VERY tight this year!!!

Roll on home time, 3.30pm I am sooooooooo glad it is Friday!!!!


Gillian Hamilton said...

Oh I do wish I could send you some of our hot days! You poor thing..don't think I've ever been that cold that I couldn't craft.. must be excrusiating {not crafting I mean... and the cold too..}

Brigitta said...

You poor girl, I really feel for you. Hope it'll get sorted pretty soon!!! Where can I find these "UKS House Challenge"? I'm curious.

jake said...

I'm terribly behind with everything Paula.... due to decorating the house. I am pining for my scraproom and don't know how I'll ever catch up with my a-z mini book, Ali's art journal or emily's cards - never mind anything else. I'm in great danger of missing a comp i wanted to enter, and know i'll never have time to do that now... ah well.... that's life eh?

Hope next week is warmer for you hunny!
jk xxx

Eleni said...

Oh my God Paula ... STILL no heating??? I have a right mind to come over there and knock some sense into that owner of yours!!!! GRRRRRRRR!!