Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Boiler Update & Other Things!!!

Despite the boiler STILL being broken, I am managing to remain calm & although crafting is a struggle, I am working on a few pieces, which hopefully I can share soon. The parts are now on order & if all goes well, I should be "fixed" on Friday. It no longer comes on at all, so no heat even for an hour. Good job it has got warmer round here!!!

The card dare for the mid week extra is Back in time 70's style. I have now found the papers I want to use & hope to get it made when I get in from work today. I remember the 70's well, I had a spacehopper & rollerskates. We ran around the streets completely safe playing & it was fun.

My other piece is for the UKS weekly challenge. For those of you who don't know, this is a website where we all get together & do challenges, share ideas & I am a member of a team there. This weeks challenge is a really good one on the theme of Love, it being Valentines' & all!!! But, you don't have to choose someone you love it can be anything from a Country to an item of clothing etc... My piece is coming together very slowly but it is "gelling" as I like to say & hopefully it should be done by tomorrow. (Well it should be completed tonight but getting a photo is another thing!!) Well I must go now & get ready for work. Happy Valentines day to all the "loved up" folk, my day will come.


Kathy said...

so, is the end of the Big Chill in sight for paula? I hope so. Can't be easy trying to craft with frozen fingers.

Have a good day Paula and I'll pop back later to see if you've got those projects done and posted!

Flapsi Hapsi said...

Hope you get that hot water and heat soon.... poor fingers!

Gillian Hamilton said...

That's outrageous! that your still without heat.. You are a better woman that I to remain this calm... I am glad the weather is a little better, that must help heaps... I will check out that link when I return from retreat.. it sounds wonderful!
{Hugs for warmth}