Saturday, February 24, 2007

DCM - 20/20 vision

Our design brief for this weeks' Friday dare was to use 20 of something.
I decided on 20 pieces of paper, however I have actually used 21!!! Still, I have used 15 strips of patterned paper as the background to this card. I have used two pieces of green shimmer paper for the flowere backdrop & the greeting background.
The flower is made of two more pieces of patterned paper & I used a small blue brad for its centre. I finished it off with two punched flowers from another piece of patterned paper!!

I have finished my mini book of Lincoln & hope to post up pictures tomorrow.
Today I changed my music to Counting Crows - Round Here.

I haven't blogged in a few days as I am under the weather. I am up every week day at 5.30am & work until 3.30pm. I then have all the regular chores to do such as the washing, cleaning, ironing, etc.. I am exhausted & have a mouth full of ulcers because I am run down. It is hard work doing everything sometimes when you don't feel up to it. The 3 weeks without heat didn't help!!
I'm full of cold & just want to sleep all day & night.
At work, we aren't busy yet & I'm the sort of person who really gets tired doing nothing.
So, this weekend is my weekend. I am watching telly, drinking wine & eating total crap!!!
Tomorrow, I am going to craft. I will feel well rested & far better by then.


Allison said...

This looks the mix of papers here!

Kathy said...

The strips of paper work really well as a background, don't they? This looks a really versatile technique for all sorts of cards, scrapbook and other crafty projects.
Hope you're feeling better soon Paula - you've had a rotten few weeks - it's not surprising you're susceptable to all the bugs and manky stuff thats going around at the moment.

Brigitta said...

hey Paula, nice one, once again!! Hope you feel better soon girl, I'll send some good vibes over to you ;-)

Lythan said...

Oh you clever girl - this is magnificent. So sorry you are not feeling fully fit. I hope that you can enjoy tomorrow!

Eleni said...

Lovely card!
Get some rest and refill your batteries Paula ... My week was like that too ... I was up every morning [even today] at 6.30 and came back home after 10 pm ... today I was home at 1.30 and just napped for 2 hours before having to go out!

So I'm thinking of taking it easy and sleeping early tonight!!!

Megan said...

Paula you are too clever to use so many pieces of paper like that!! Beautiful!

And I am sorry you are so run down. I'm lucky enough to be a stay at home mum, and I know how busy I am, and can't imagine trying to fit work into the equation as well. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Megan xx

Rhi said...

Beautiful Paula, a great use of gorgeous papers. Glad my number card template saved the day for you and get well soon {{hugs}}

Gillian Hamilton said...

Paula it looks great.. love those papers.. and they look amazing like this...
Hope you are soon feeling better... {hugs to you}

manicstamper said...

Now you see if I used 20 or even 21 pieces of patterned paper on a card it would like a complete dogs dinner......yours looks fab.

Hope you start to feel better soon

Anntaurus said...

This looks fab Paula - I am enjoying looking at your lay outs too!!

Latharia said...

Just beautiful!! I was recently challenged to use 15 of something, and it was HARD! I am impressed!

Lynne.x said...

Beautiful card Paula.

Hope you're feeling a bit better after a relaxing weekend.

Ann said...

Fab card Paula!
I hope you are starting to feel much better now.

I've swapped to Wordpress now....
you can find me at.


Frog said...

Gorgeous Card Paula, so full of lovely colours.

Andrea xx

Jo said...

The paper strips look fab, such a brill way to incorporate 20 things onto a cards :)

I hope that you feeling better now


Jo xx