Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday Blogger

Todays blog prompt has been thought up by UKS's maisymay"What changes do you plan to make in your life in the coming months. Do you like or loath change?"
I am glad to see that Scrappyfairy is back this week with the Sunday bloggers. I missed last weeks prompt.
So, what changes do I plan to make in my life?
One of the main things I planned to do is already taking shape in the form of more crafting.
I decided to create far more for myself in the way of layouts & minibooks.
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love making them for other people, & I had such fun with the Photo Swop, (see post below) but I just never make myself anything. So, when Shimelle's class came up I made that mini & had such great fun!!
I also plan to get more photos of myself & scrap them to document my life as I will be 40 in March. Quite a milestone year & I hope a turning point.
I do want to be happy & that is being dealt with in the shape & form of my Aezine challenge word for 2007, by the wonderful Ali Edwards.
I am planning more work around that word so if you do read my blog regular watch in the coming weeks for this!!
I have changed direction with my scrapping style & being part of the team has made me do more work anyhow. Working towards points is fun & spurs you on to challenge yourself within the challenge. I find my pages are a little safe & boring at times, but that is all set to change this year.
I just completed the fabulous pencil lines sketch #17, the other day (few posts down) & I had such fun. I made all the squares irregular so it wasn't too symmetrical & it worked so well with the pictures of myself being utterly silly!!
I used to hate change, but I can tolerate it in small doses.............


Latharia said...

Change is good! Being stagnant is bad! Bravo for you, changing things up a bit! :) Take LOTS of pictures of you! :)

Claire said...

Change is hard but it is also a good thing, its fresh, and sometimes changing brings new light and new challenges! Well done on the sketching I really must try it and look more into it, never really thought about it, thought you had to be super talented to do sketches!!
Thanks for your comment hun, my mojo will return LOL hope your heating and hot water gets sorted soonxxx

LPinky said...

Good for you, creating more for YOU than others! Love reading your blog, you sound so focused & sure of your goals, well done.xx

Concetta said...

Hi lovely one -
Dancing into the full moonlight is always better than standing in the shadows.

“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.”
John W. Gardner

With love,

Paula said...

I´m 8 days away from the big 4-0 and the "start new things" has been on my mind lately too. :D

Eleni said...

The 'plan' sounds good to me!! :D

Do you finally have heating again??? Been thinking of you!