Saturday, December 09, 2006

Day of Changes

Today has been really bizarre!! Apologies, this has been a construction site for most of the day while I played around with my temporary Christmas banner!!!
I have finally decided on this one, (well until tomorrow!!!)
It isn't a patch on the original banner made by the legend banner designer herself, Scrapdolly. That has been dusted & carefully put away until next year!!! However, if I want another top notch one doing, I will go back & ask her me thinks!! Quite fancy a daffodil one for spring!
This morning I had my fav music playing & within an hour someone had emailed to tell me it wasn't!!
I went into blogger to check this out & the nasty people at Webrats have placed two large adverts in my screen in place of Elton John.
So in order not to confuse people, the post inviting you all to Step into Christmas has been removed. I apologise if anyone had left a comment on that post. I do have all comments emailed to me so they are all read daily....& I also pop over to your blog to take a look if you have posted anything new..
Instead, we are still wishing for a Happy Christmas, War is Over....
Hopefully I will not have to change this music, though I did fancy Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree.....


Claire said...

I love this song - it makes me cry!
Give me a week or so to move house and I can help you, if you want, with your bloggy bits n pieces! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Paula - you have been posting and creating so much while I have been distracted with my album making! Love the potato masher card - Lol! And then you branched out to potato peelers - well done! Will be getting some cards done this week too, I trust. Bye for now....