Saturday, October 14, 2006

Time is running out......

& I still feel positively crap!!!!
My sister's wedding is now just 9 days away & I really have to be better!!!!!!!!
She is getting married in Langley Castle & I am sleeping in said Castle for the night...
To say I am excited is very much an understatement, but I just can't be snotty & coughing!
I am a typical "little girl who grew up wanting to be a fairy princess".
However, after my grandfather died, my father took on the farm & I turned into a tomboy in & out of tractors. All my little girl fantasies died a death, but recently I have had a yearning for pink & lilac & am turning "Laura Ashley"!!!
Now I am going to realise a dream!!!!!!!! My camera is already cleaned & ready. All batteries ready to go on charge.
I just need to be well....
This is the Castle.How magical is this....

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Anonymous said...

Hi Paula,

thanks for your kind word about my blog.

I hope you are on the mend for your sister's big day.