Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Help required!

I made this card yesterday, not too happy with the photo but that's the problem with shiny paper!!! I can't decide on a greeting for the front or inside.......
I think it looks very christmassy as in santa suit/party dress but can't think of anything. It does say Ooohlala.... The dress is stamped red onto silver & the frame is from a pack I got several years ago from Lakeland Limited.I used my hand held cutter with victorian blade again. So ideas please..........??

Yesterday, I got quite a lot done in the "boring menial, got to be done" task list. You know the stuff, bank statements etc... Then I got the magazine subscription renewal done for my sister's Xmas present as it is due & a new subs for her new husband. that was the morning gone...
In the afternoon I got down to some crafting & got the above card made & a Christmas card. It is not quite complete so won't be posted until perhaps this evening. It is something that popped into my head as a part design & I'm putting it together as I go. It contains lots of fiddly little snowflakes punched from siver paper & stuck down. I can't get on with tweezers so am doing them in my fingers. When I say small they are almost micro flakes!!!!!! But, I am thrilled with it & only have two bits left to do..Can't wait to share....

Quite a few of the many, lovely comments about my Danish poem card have mentioned the neat & tidy ovals......... hah! two ended up in the bin & I was going to give up on the third attempt. If I could have got the hang of tearing with my whispers oval templates, without the design looking savaged, then they would have been feathery edged ovals instead......I quite like the gel pen look & will be using it again.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Paula what an absolutley fabby card, i love it. Your cards are fab

Andrea xx

Kathy said...

Great card Paula - how about "'Tis the Season to......PARTY", - that's my best effort this time in the morning anyway. Wait till Lythan gets here - snappy phrases are her forte!
Thank you for your confession re the neat ovals, made me feel less inadequate.
The Bagalicious on my blog was pretty easy - just a case of measuring lines and scroing them - do you want the dimensions to see if your book would fit?