Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Just a quick attempt..

at this week's DCM mid week dare...
The dare is simply a word. "SPARKLE"
With this word we are free to interpret as we wish.
This is just a quicky as I aren't too sure I have much time for anything else until later in the week, & I do like to take part. I can think of someone who will really love this card as it features something close to her heart..hmm wonder what that is??? I've been asked to make a card & it has to be kept under wraps as it is for someone for Xmas, but that certain someone reads my blog. Can't say more than that but it is special & it isn't a Christmas card.

This is made of some pearlised purple card. The background paper is from a CD.
The botle & glass were cut from baby pink card & some more paper stuck on to look like the contents. I have written the words Sparkle, Fizz & Pop on the background. Using my hole punch (just an ordinary stationers punch) I punch some silver pieces & also stuck on some star gems.
I didn't want to overload the design any further for fear of overkill!!!!!!!!!

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Gillian Hamilton said...

Hey there Paula,
this card is just down right 'sparkly'!!!!! Beautiful..
you're amazing, can't believe you've done it already...
Have a great day.... TTFN Gillian :o)

Jane said...

Wow ! how quick was that ! well done Paula...lovely card

Debbie said...

Paula - what a fantastic card and such a good interpretation of the word Sparkle - I love it :-)

Love your Xmas cards too - I sat down on Sunday afternoon to make some Xmas cards and didn't make one single card - I had really bad carder's block :-(

Hoping to try again soon - if my inspiration comes back! LOL


Lythan said...

that is soooo lovely. I haven't done one yet - oh the shame!

Anonymous said...

Great card Paula, I love your interpretation of Sparkle....and boy you were quick as!

Keryn Campbell said...

I wish I could put a card together that quickly. I love it.

Kathy said...

oh that's pretty, Paula - do you get the idea that everyone's just a teeny bit jealous of your speediness?!

Jo said...

oooh yummy card, all shimmery and sparkly :)and so speedy too :) I really like it :)

Jo x

Anonymous said...

Fab Paula, I love your interpretation of sparkle, cheers! Rhi x

Anonymous said...

Another brill card Paula.