Sunday, November 12, 2006

Techniques for Nov. continued....

With all the commissions & dares, it doesn't look much like I have kept my word & done a technique a day..but I have if you look closely!!!!
Most of the cards over the last week have involved stamping, embossing & paper art in general.... Here is one with some sewing on so you see, I am on track!!!!!
I'm going Christmas shopping for me today!!!! Yeah, naughty I know ,but there are a few bits I need if I'm going to create some more fab 'n' fun designs.....I actually have two Xmas designs in my head as I type this, which as you will all know is unheard of for me..... But, I am getting a little pleased about Xmas now & am going to watch some Xmas movies while I play with my new "toys" this afternoon......
My favourites are;
The first "Home Alone" staring Macaulay Culkin (think that's how it's spelt!!!)
"Blackadder's Christmas Carol"
& "Scrooged" with Bill Murray....
I also have a DVD sent to me from my dear Joy, which she had free in her paper "Santa Who?" staring Leslie Neilson. (Things are strange at the moment. Joy's emails don't come through the day she sends them. In fact she has started to number them & often 7 comes two days after 9!!!!)
Sooooooooo, if I ain't "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree", after this little lot, then I am doomed!!!!!


Gillian Hamilton said...

Blackadders Christmas Carol?
sounds great... I loved blackadder when it was on...
Hey great pansy card Paula, thanks for calling in again... It was so much fun making a dare I can see what the appeal is.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely card Paula ... I'm not good with the sewing machine ... it's my Mom's ... and I don't think she'll be too happy if I play with it ... :-)

I should get a little 'toy' or 'craft' one for myself!