Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday blogger

Sunday bloggers this week is a "practical" one.....Grab your camera - take a walk around your home.. and snap some of the little things that make you happy...Even if its just one thing.... x
We all fill our home with things that make us smile... how about sharing them with us...

Here are a few pictures of the things in my home I adore;

My Sofa. It is so much larger than the old one. Far comfier & when I sit on it I smile!!!
I can lay down full length on it & to me it is my best friend at the end of a long day.

My Stereo. I love music. I have diverse taste, ranging from Rock to Classical. Some of my favourite bands right now are, Muse. My Chemical Romance. Killers. Fray. Train.
Music can make us feel many emotions. Without music it would be like taking the colour out of life.

Table on my landing.
My hallway is empty but for the staircase up to the main landing where my kitchen, bathroom & spare bedroom are. It is very long & uninviting. I inherited pink walls & grey/blue carpet. to add a cheerful splash of colour, I split my nest of tables & put this smallest one on the landing. Everytime I go from my living room or bedroom down onto the main landing it is the first thing I see.

Show me the things in your home that make you happy.......
I could go on forever with my pictures. Bowls of pebbles, bowls of rattan balls. Candles & picture frames. My family photo corner which is above the stereo. I think the bottom line is, we only fill our homes with happy things. Some make us smile more than others....
Spencer, my teddy is my biggest smile giver!!


Jane said...

I might just do that ! what a good idea ! Unfortunately the battery on our camera doesn't work- so every thing will have to be taken within 2 meters of a plug socket in our house ! lol !

Gallifrey said...

Love your sofa...I feel the same way about mine!

Megan said...

Thanks for the little tour around your house Paula! I loved visiting!

Megan xx

Gillian Hamilton said...

We have a brilliant set of photo's of the Inside of Andrews Grandparents home in the 1950's.. Taken by his Grandfather, It's completely facinating, esp when we have a few of the things in the photo' Paula you've captured a little bit of your 2007 life.. and it's been fun to visit.. :o)

jake said...

Love your cosy couch hon - looks so snuggly!